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Building skills through play & family-centred intervention

Private Occupational Therapy in Saskatchewan.

occupational therapy regina saskatchewan

connect {kuh-nekt} 

to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind

Connect Therapy offers private occupational therapy in Saskatchewan. Occupational Therapists (OTs) believe that everything in your day is important. We help with the things that you need, want, and have to do each day.

Located in Regina, Connect Therapy provides full services in the areas of:

  • general pediatrics

  • sensory processing disorders

  • developmental delays

  • independence in daily living skills (dressing, eating, sleeping, toileting)

  • self-regulation

Connect Therapy is committed to building skills through play and family-centred intervention. 

occupational therapy regina saskatchewan

What families are saying:

Katherine is fantastic. My son’s motor skills have improved a lot. One of our first goals for him was to have him ride a bike. I mentioned to Katherine that he couldn’t ride a tricycle yet (at 4 years old). After just one session and some practice at home my son was riding a bike with training wheels!
She makes therapy fun. She knows when to push him and when he needs breaks. I’m always amazed at how many activities she packs into an hour.
Katherine encourages my questions, shares her notes, and responds to messages promptly. She is caring, friendly and knowledgeable.

Katherine has worked with our son for a few years. She has gone above and beyond for our family. Katherine has been an incredible support system not only for my son but for me as well. She shares in our successes & constantly looks for ways to help us through our challenges. I highly recommend Katherine, she is an amazing OT.


Our son needed some work on self regulation and we couldn’t believe the change we saw in him after working with Katherine. Her patience and understanding of how to work with Odin was amazing. I accompanied him to every appointment which was key as I was able to take the lessons I learned home by watching them work together. We have now completed our sessions with Katherine, however, I know that I can contact her at any time if I need some guidance. We are forever grateful for the work she did with our son.


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